Friday, 27 June 2014

Global Property Prices

Price Map

Cheap to buy / rent return / wages: Japan, Portugal, Greece, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain. 

Cheap Property:
Hungary - Budapest
Costa Rica
Ecuador - plaza grande

Currencies favourable vs gbp: Hungary, Indonesia, Turkey, Egypt, India, Russia, Romania, Jamaican dollar, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Vietnam, South Africa.

Another slightly conflicting chart ref rent return:

Good Global Rental Yields:
Asia: Philippines 7.5%, Indonesia 7%, Thailand 6.3%
Europe: Moldova 10%, Ukraine 9%, Hungary 5.8%, Croatia 5.75%, Netherlands 5.7%
Caribbean: Jamaica 9.75%, Bahamas 8.16%, Puerto rico 7.4%, Aruba 7.3%, Cayman is 7.25%
Middle east: Egypt 9.4%, Jordan 8.5%, Morocco 6%
Latin America: Panama 9%, El Salvador 8.5%, Costa Rica 8.4%, Ecuador 8%, Mexico 7.7%

Monday, 24 June 2013

Whose in a bubble

Lower the number the better value, higher the number is an expensive market. Low numbers may be a sign of market issue.

Bubble mania evident in the technicals.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

The Overall Bottom Line for 2013

With all said and noted, taking the combination of the cycles, seasonals, 'presidential cycle' - and the Bradley indicator - and the overall bottom line for the year 2013 tends to favor a high in January giving way to weakness into February, back to or below 70-day moving average. From there, if that low is also able to remain above the 11/16/12 low of 1343.35 on the S&P (as the odds tend to favor) - and ideally above the late-December bottom of 1398.11 - then we should see a rally in the range of 9-14% into early-Summer (June, plus or minus), a move which ends up topping the larger 360-day time cycle.

From a high made around early-Summer of this year, the risks will then move to the downside into later in the year, with the probabilities favoring a correction in the range of 18% or greater (plus or minus) into the Autumn months, eventually setting up a low between late-September (with the time cycles), but which could easily stretch out into mid-to-late October (as per seasonals) or even very early-November (with the 'presidential cycle'). From there, a strong seasonal rally will ideally take hold into year-end - which could potentially push out into the Spring of 2014 before re-topping.           

Sunday, 20 January 2013

PAUL B. FARRELL Predicts Time bomb to market meltdown ticks louder

My response: LMAO....Dr Disaster is back for his weekly rant with poor analysis and relying on past phrases spoken at any-time in the last decade. I predict there there will be WW3 at some point and aliens will make direct contact with the earth. Dr Disaster forecasts disaster every year until it happens... Then he's referenced by the big news flow outlets as predicting the crash of 2### like he's some sort of new Nostrodamus. Will the newsosphere be commenting how I was right in my predictions....NO! Should they....NO! Here's a statistic for you, unemployment is dropping year on year, as that occurs so does GDP growth and debt is inflated away, by 2016 unemployment will be at 5%. Lets see whether the wall street newsosphere will be clambering for me to appear on CNBC, Bloomberg and the like.

Original article:

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Should I Buy Apple?

 The answer: Current Price = $506 >> Markets can be irrational, efficient market theory well HA! Yes markets can mis-price stocks, but remember this price will over a # term = the worth of the stock price. Apples price has simply taken a breather, it went up too far too fast. When results are delivered over the next 4 quarters and you own this stock you will be wetting your thunder pants because you will be laughing so hard with joy because that stock leverage will lead you to your early retirement from 9-5ish hell.... Salute Jobs up there in the sky as people migrate from Android, RIM & MSFT & NOK to the premier business & consumer kudos phone. If you don't have that apple on the back of you phone....your not hip or current.....your perhaps seen as second rate citizen. That's why school kids even want apple devices.....kudos, prestige and the kid that everyone now admires, your status goes UP, UP, UP. That's not going to change and therefore apple will reign.....and reign long. So buy that stock laddies, otherwise you'll be dreaming and sobbing in your sleep, maybe even waking up regurgitating these words. Yes no buy and you commit yourself to endless nights of nightmares and sleep talking....your move.